Elite Tactical Firearms

Elite TACTICAL Firearms is firmly committed to our consumer’s needs and questions. We are at the consumer’s service for any questions or concerns that someone would like to have answered.

Believe me, I wish that I could have received advice from a gun owner / dealer when I was younger in regards to what was a good gun to start with for beginner’s and what’s a good course to take and information regarding carry and conceal licenses and certifications.

I had a home invasion when I was younger and it was an eye opening. After that, I purchased a gun and I started to take every course that I could. So that one day, if I had to defend my self I could and do it with confidence. As of now, I still keep all my certifications up to date.

Elite Tactical Firearms is a certified and licensed guns dealer business and provides services for gun transfers, purchases of guns and firearms.

If you have anything you might need or what course you might be interested in just email us.

Please check out our list of Vendors as well as our Gun Transfer page.